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and rapidweaver

Ever wanted to have a Coverflow image gallery on your website? Well now you can! All you need is Rapidweaver and a our plugin Coverflow. It is a simple to use all you need to do is add a Coverflow page, add your images, put in any captions you may want, and it's ready to show all your favorite pictures, you can even get the pictures to expand to a large sizes with the use of PrettyPhoto (click an image in Coverflow to see).
(Requires Rapidweaver 5.2.2 or Lower.)


all options are available

Need a specific look or ease speed? Well you can do that in Coverflow! Adjust from the speed, shelf angle, and the distance between the images.


in more than one way

Coverflow has tons of options to customize from:
  • Flash Player Size
  • Thumbnail Size
  • Large Image Size
  • Start Location (Beginning, Middle, End)
  • Text Color
  • Reflection
  • Image Link Target (When linking to another page or to a different web site)
  • Easily link to pages within your Rapidweaver project with the built in add a link!


loaded dynamically

Coverflow can automatically load from your flickr gallery making it a sinch to update your current photos.

header and footer

built-in support

Easily add your own header and footer using the wysiwig editor built into rapidweaver. Drag and drop images, style and enjoy!